The sounds of the bubbling champagne.
Soft piano music.
The chorus of laughter and the memories of old friends, long overdue of a reunion.
The excited gasp after the first taste of the dinner you spent hours making together.
The tangible energy of new friends and new lovers connecting for the first time.
The gossip and giggles of the sacred all-girls brunch.
This is music to our ears –– this is the art of gathering.


We founded the Table Collectiv. because we believe in the magic of the memories made around the table. Think about it: All of our lifelong traditions are born at the dinner table. It’s a place for friends and loved ones to gather.

It’s a symbol of the phrase, “There’s always a place for you.” And the magic is found in the details. But crafting a table setting is about more than just aesthetics, it forms an invitation –– a message to your guests that they’re truly welcome. That you care. That these next moments are going to be different, special, and unforgettable.

Our linen placemats and napkins do just that. They’re made to create an atmosphere of class and warmth. Of beauty and unity. A message that all are welcome ––

that there’s always room at the table.

Whether you’re nervously setting up your first Valentine’s Day dinner together or curating the perfect charcuterie board with your besties on a random Tuesday, the Table Collectiv. always gives you a reason to celebrate and gather.

From our scalloped-edge, embroidered linen placements to our velvet napkin bow holders, every detail of our tableware is made to inspire and bring people together.

So, welcome to the Table Collectiv. There’s a seat for you. Find your placemat, grab your napkins, and gather together with us. It’s Time to Break Bread. Drink wine. Make memories.